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ArcelorMittal 180 BH Bake hardening steel, Cold rolled

Category Metal , Ferrous Metal , Alloy Steel
Manufacturer ArcelorMittal
Trade Name
Port Shanghai port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
Available in the following: uncoated (HC180B), electroglavanized (HC180B+ZE) and Extragal®/Galvannealed (HC180BD+Z)Description: The composition and processing of these steels are designed to promote a significant increase in yield strength during low-temperature heat treatment, particularly paint curing. ArcelorMittal Bake hardening steels can thus achieve higher strength in the finished part while retaining good forming performance. The gain in yield strength through the "bake hardening" (BH) effect is generally greater than 40 MPa. Thanks to this BH effect, ArcelorMittal steels offer two advantages compared to conventional drawing quality steels:Improved dent resistance in all finished parts in the case of low forming strains (hood, roof, doors and wings);Substantial weight reduction potential at equivalent dent resistance (the decrease in thickness is offset by increased yield strength resulting from the heat treatment process).Bake hardening steels thus offer a suitable response to automotive bodywork requirements. By providing an excellent drawability-dent resistance combination, they enhance vehicle weight reduction and aesthetics.Applications: Steels in the BH range are designed for visible (door, hood, tailgate, front wing, roof) and structural (underbody, reinforcement, cross member, lining) partsInformation provided by ArcelorMittal
Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Tensile Strength, Ultimate 300 - 360 MPa
43500 - 52200 psi
Tensile Strength, Yield 180 - 230 MPa
26100 - 33400 psi
Elongation at Break >= 34 %
>= 34 %
L<Sub>0</sub>=80 mm, th<3 mm
Fatigue Strength <= 305 MPa

@# of Cycles 1.00e+8
<= 44200 psi

@# of Cycles 1.00e+8
after 2% elongation and heat treatment
<= 307 MPa

@# of Cycles 5.00e+6
<= 44500 psi

@# of Cycles 5.00e+6
after 2% elongation and heat treatment
<= 310 MPa

@# of Cycles 1.00e+7
<= 45000 psi

@# of Cycles 1.00e+7
after 2% elongation and heat treatment
<= 334 MPa

@Thickness 0.800 mm,
# of Cycles 1.00e+7
<= 48400 psi

@Thickness 0.0315 in,
# of Cycles 1.00e+7
Component Elements Properties Metric English Comments
Carbon, C <= 0.040 %
<= 0.040 %
Iron, Fe >= 98.76 %
>= 98.76 %
as balance
Manganese, Mn <= 0.70 %
<= 0.70 %
Silicon, Si <= 0.50 %
<= 0.50 %
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