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A. Schulman CP842-01 Hexene Copolymer LLDPE Resin

Category Polymer , Thermoplastic , Polyethylene (PE) , LLDPE , Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), Injection Molded
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Material Notes:
DescriptionCP 842-01 is a Hexene copolymer LLDPE resin designed for use in blown film applications. Blow up ratios of2:1 or higher are recommended. ApplicationTypical applications of CP 842-01 include: stretch wrap, bags and sacks, Agricultural films, liners, as well as co-extruded structures. This resin is stabilized against oxidation under normal processing and meets FDA Regulation 21CFR177.1520(c)3.1. Information provided by A. Schulman.
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Specific Gravity 0.918 g/cc
0.918 g/cc
Melt Index of Compound 0.90 g/10 min
0.90 g/10 min
ASTM D1238
Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Tensile Strength at Break 33.1 MPa
4800 psi
transverse direction; ASTM D882
45.5 MPa
6600 psi
machine direction; ASTM D882
Elongation at Break 675 %
675 %
machine direction; ASTM D882
750 %
750 %
50 mm/min; ASTM D638
965 %
965 %
transverse direction; ASTM D882
Flexural Modulus 0.228 GPa
33.0 ksi
1% secant-machine direction; ASTM D882
0.241 GPa
35.0 ksi
secant-transverse direction; ASTM D882
0.365 GPa
53.0 ksi
tangent, 1.3 mm/min; ASTM D790
Tear Strength 390 kN/m
2230 pli
machine direction; ASTM D1922A
650 kN/m
3710 pli
transverse direction; ASTM D1922A
Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
Vicat Softening Point 99.0 °C
210 °F
ASTM D1525
Optical Properties Metric English Comments
Haze 15 %
15 %
ASTM D1003
Gloss 45 %
45 %
45°; ASTM D2457
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