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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Precision Polymer Engineering Perlast® G70T Perfluoroelastomer Precision Polymer Engineering Limited Perlast®
Protective Coating PC-Crete™ Epoxy Putty Protective Coating Co.
Palm Labs Adhesives Turbo Fuse Series 110SI Surface Insensitive (20 Viscosity) Rapid Bonding Adhesive Palm Labs Adhesives TURBO FUSE SERIES
Parker Chomerics Tecknit Consil®-C 871 Silver-Copper Filled Silicone Elastomer Parker Chomerics Tecknit Consil®-C
Northstar Polymers MPP-D80B Rigid Polyurethane Northstar Polymers
Park Electrochemical Nelco® N4000-13 EP™ BC® Buried Capacitance™, High-Speed Multifunctional Epoxy Laminate and Prepreg Park Electrochemical Corp. Nelco®
Parker Chomerics CHO-BOND 2165 Polyurethane Sealant Parker Chomerics CHO-BOND
Nitriflex NP-2130 Powdered Nitrile Nitriflex
TSE Industries Millathane® CM Millable Polyether Urethane Rubber with 75 PHR N650 Filler
Huntsman DT 3329-1 US Matting Agent Huntsman, former Ciba Specialty Chemicals
Mallard Creek Polymers ROVENE® 4817 SBR Latex Mallard Creek Polymers
Malvern Minerals Sliastic 740 with 33% Novacite® Daper Quartz Filler Malvern Minerals Company
Mearthane Durethaneâ„¢ M DM-710A Foam Polyurethane Mearthane Products Corporation (MPC) Durethane™ M
Struktol POLYDIS 3611 Elastomer modified epoxy prepolymer Struktol POLYDIS
Sumitomo Bakelite North America RX® 2-520 Short-Glass Reinforced Diallyl Phthalate Sumitomo Bakelite North America
Saint-Gobain CHR® 2045-5 Skived PTFE Film Backing Silicone Adhesive Pressure Sensitive Tape Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics CHR®
Master Bond EP21TDCS Two Component Silver Conductive Epoxy Adhesive Master Bond Inc.
Vyncolit X681 Novolac Phenolic Vyncolit N.V., Sumitomo Bakelite
Zeon Chemicals Zisnet® F-PT Polyepichlorohydrin and Polyacrylate Curing Agent Zeon Chemicals Zisnet®
Tra-Con Tra-Bond 642-1 Epoxy Adhesive Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Bond
Tra-Con Tra-Bond 862-12 Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Bond
Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming Eccobond® 23 LV General Purpose Catalyst Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming, Inc. Eccobond®
Hexcel® HexWeb® HRH-36/OX - 3/16 - 2.5 Para-Aramid/Phenolic Core Hexcel HexWeb®
UBE UBEPOL BR360L Non-Oil Extended Synthetic Rubber Vulcanizate (Cured 35 Minutes at 145°C) UBE UBEPOL
TSE Industries Millathane® 76 Millable Polyester Polyurethane Rubber, 20 PHR Carbon Black, N-774 (SRF) TSE Industries, Inc Millathane®
Hexcel® Redux® 340U(SP) (0.01 psf) Modified epoxy film adhesive for bonding metallic and composite components Hexcel
TSE Industries Millathane® 76 Millable Polyester Polyurethane Rubber, Hardness 80A, Black Sulfur Cure TSE Industries, Inc Millathane®
ExxonMobil Exxon™ 2255 Regular Cure Rate Grade Exxon Chemical Exxon™
DuPont™ Kapton® CR Polyimide Film DuPont Kapton®
Cytec EN-2523 (Conap) Potting and Encapsulation Adhesive Cytec
DuPont™ Nomex® N196 Paper, 15 mil Nominal Thickness DuPont Nomex®
Daelim H&L Plavis-G15 CM 15% Graphite Filled Aromatic Polyimide Bearing Daelim H&L Super Engineering Plastics Plavis-G15
Epoxy Technology EPO-TEK® B9021-1 Epoxy Paste Epoxy Technology EPO-TEK®
Arlon 30300R062 0.062" (1.57 mm) Uncured Silicone Rubber on Kodacel Carrier Arlon
BASF Basotect G+ Foam BASF Basotect
Arlon 56596R045 0.045" (1.14 mm) Uncured/Cured Silicone Rubber with Fiberglass Substrate Arlon
Arlon 56976XA026 Silicone Rubber/Fiberglass Laminate Arlon
Applied Composites 8041 Polyester SMC Applied Composites Corporation
3M Scotch-Weld™ DP920 Epoxy Adhesive 3M Scotch-Weld™
Abatron AboCast 50-16/AboCure 50-1 Epoxy Abatron AboCast
Arlon 44571R010A 0.010" (0.254 mm) Uncured Silicone Rubber with Fiberglass Substrate Arlon
Abatron AboCast 10-5/AboCure 50-17 Epoxy Abatron AboCast
Resinlab® EP965 Black Unfilled Electronic Grade Epoxy Encapsulant Resinlab®
TSE Industries Millathane® 76 Millable Polyester Polyurethane Rubber, 20 PHR Non-Black, Soft Clay
TSE Industries Millathane® 76 Millable Polyester Polyurethane Rubber, 60 PHR Non-Black, Hi-Sil 233
Bulk Molding Compounds BMC T45HT Automotive Grade Molding compound BMC - Bulk Molding Compounds Inc. BMC
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