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Shinil Chemical SHINNANO PA-6 Polymer Nanocomposite Air Intake Module

Category Polymer , Thermoplastic , Nylon , Nylon 6
Manufacturer Shinil Chemical
Port Shanghai port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
SHINNANO is the product line of polymer nanocomposite made by dispersing nano fillers, mainly, NANOCLAY. Recently, Shinil has developed varios nanocomposite grades for automotive applications using Shinil's proprietary dispersion technology combined with the customized nanoclay. Shinil's SHINNANO offers unique properties compared to conventional polymer compounds. Nanocomposite products of SHINNANO provide not only high performance but also the lighter weight (10-20%).SHINNANO uses various engineering polymers to produce functional nanocomposite grades. Nanoclays are incorporated during the melt compounding. The clay particles are exfoliated during processing, which leads to nano-size platelets. Although this process is challenging, owing to unique dispersion technique that is developed for nano materials, Shinil produces high performance nanocomposites with less use of nano fillers. SHINNANO grades are available for automotive parts such as bumper, instrument panel, door trim, engine cover, cylinder head cover, and air intake manifold.Feature and BenefitsLighter weightHigh stiffnessHigh HDTHigh modulusImproved surfaceImproved melt strengthRecyclabilityAvailable for injection modling, extrusion or film makingCost effectiveGood barrier propertyInformation Provided by Shinil Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Specific Gravity 1.32 g/cc
1.32 g/cc
Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Tensile Strength, Ultimate 123 MPa
17800 psi
Elongation at Break 2.0 %
2.0 %
Flexural Strength 225.63 MPa
32725 psi
Flexural Modulus 8.04 GPa
1170 ksi
Izod Impact, Notched 0.588 J/cm
1.10 ft-lb/in
Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
Deflection Temperature at 1.8 MPa (264 psi) 195 °C
383 °F
Processing Properties Metric English Comments
Processing Temperature 260 °C
500 °F
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