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Category : Adhesive Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Palm Labs Adhesives TURBO FUSE SERIES 180 MEDICAL DEVICES APPROVED (2400 Viscosity) Rapid Bonding Adhesive Palm Labs Adhesives TURBO FUSE SERIES
Palm Labs Adhesives TURBO FUSE SERIES 190 CLEAR FLEXIBLE (4000 Viscosity) Rapid Bonding Adhesive Palm Labs Adhesives TURBO FUSE SERIES
Parker Chomerics CHO-BOND 1076, Part A Silicone Parker Chomerics CHO-BOND
NuSil CV2-1147 Silicone Coating NuSil
Resinlab® CYNERGY CA6205 Adhesive Resinlab® CYNERGY
Abatron 810327 A/B Filled Potting Compound  (discontinued **)
Dielectric Polymers NT-2012-2 Photo Processing Tape  (discontinued **)
Dielectric Polymers NT-100A89 General Purpose Laminating Adhesive  (discontinued **)
Permabond 935 Cyanoacrylate Permabond
Reltek BONDiT™ B-46CC Adhesive and Sealant Reltek LLC BONDiT™
Resin Technology Group TIGA 110-EXDP Low Viscosity, Optically Clear Glass Bonder Resin Technology Group
Resin Technology Group TIGA 901 Room Temperature Curing Silver Conductive Epoxy Resin Technology Group
Huntsman Araldite XU 3909 Water-Based Adhesive/Coating Huntsman, former Ciba Specialty Chemicals Araldite
Kinlead PT11 Adhesive Tape Grade BOPP Plain Film (thickness: 25 µm) Kinlead
Momentive Performance Materials RTV6802 White Adhesive Sealant, Industrial Plastic Adhesive Momentive Performance Materials (Former GE Silicones)
Master Bond EP3RR-1 One Part, Thermally Conductive, Toughened Epoxy System Master Bond Inc.
Master Bond Supreme 46HT-2 Toughened, High Shear and Peel Strength Adhesive Master Bond Inc. Supreme
Master Bond UV15-42C One Component, Optically Clear, Tough UV Curable System Master Bond Inc.
Tra-Con Tra-Bond 2119 Low Viscosity Glass Laminating Adhesive Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Bond
Tra-Con Tra-Bond 2152 Thermally Conductive Electrically Insulating Compound Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Bond
Tra-Con Tra-Cast 9182A Semi-Rigid Flame Retardant Epoxy Encapsulant Tra-Con, Inc. Tra-Cast
Loctite® Durabond® E-40FL Epoxy Adhesive Loctite Durabond®
Loctite® Tak Pak® 382 Instant Adhesive Loctite Tak Pak®
Dow Corning SE 1896 FR KIT Dow Corning
EMS-Griltech Griltex® D 1655E Copolyester Hotmelt Adhesive (Technical Applications) EMS-Griltech Griltex®
Cytec (Conap) FR-1046 / EA-028 Conapoxy® Resin / Conacure® Hardener Cytec
Cytec EN-2552 (Conap) Potting and Encapsulation Adhesive Cytec
Abatron AboTar 8607-1 Solventless Tar-Epoxy Compound Abatron AboTar
3M 41825 Industrial Polyethylene Temporary Surface Protection Tape 3M
3M ATG 976 Tape 3M ATG
3M Bumpon™ SJ5904 Resilient Rollstock 3M Bumpon™
3M Cushion-Mount™ 1015 Plus Plate Mounting Tape 3M Cushion-Mount™
3M Cushion-Mount™ 1820M Plus Plate Mounting Tape 3M Cushion-Mount™
Armstrong A-12 Epoxy Adhesive, at 1:1 Mix Ratio Armstrong Epoxy Adhesives; Resin Technology Group
3M FV512 Semi-Rigid Vinyl Label Product 3M
3M GM614 Ultra Soft Gripping Material 3M
3M Scotch® 70 Self-Fusing Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape 3M Scotch®
3M Scotchgard™ 1004MS Multi-Layer Protective Films 3M Scotchgard™
3M 2A804 High Performance Temporary Surface Protection Tape 3M
3M 950 Adhesive Transfer Tapes with Adhesive 300 3M
3M 950EK Adhesive Transfer Tapes with Adhesive 300 3M
3M Cushion-Mount™ E1815 Plus Plate Mounting Tapes with Easy Mount Adhesive 3M Cushion-Mount™
3M FA023 Matte Clear Acetate Label Products 3M
3M FM124 Indoor UL Recognized White Polyester Label Products 3M
3M FM239 Indoor UL Recognized Matte Clear Polyester Label Products 3M
3M Pronto™ CA-40 Instant Adhesive 3M Pronto™
3M Scotch-Weld™ MG100 SF Medical Grade Instant Adhesive 3M Scotch-Weld™
3M 7942 Aluminum Foil Label Material 3M
3M OFM2402 Outdoor UL Recognized Silver Polyester Label Product 3M
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