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Polymer Property : Melting Point = 310 °F Product List

Thermal Properties

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Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
Melting Point 154 °C
310 °F
ASTM D3417
Quantum Polycarbonate
Information provided by Quantum Advanced Engineering Plastics
Melting Point 154 - 166 °C
310 - 330 °F
MQSA 111
Lubrizol Advanced Materials PEARLCOAT® Activa D126K BL Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer  (discontinued **)
PEARLCOAT® Activa D126K BL is a standard polyester based TPU, supplied in form of translucent, black colored pellets, combining hardness with excellent low-temperature flexibility. PEARLCOAT® Acti..
Melting Point 154 °C
310 °F
Techmer ES Plastiblend® TPX-HTN-000CA
Availability: North AmericaForms: Pellets Features: High Heat ResistanceInformation provided by TP Composites, Inc.
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