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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Osprey Metals 420 Stainless Steel Powder (Grade 90% - 22) Osprey Metals, Ltd.
PSM Industries Pacific Sintered Metals Iron F-241-S1 Powdered Metal PSM Industries Pacific Sintered Metals
KB Alloys 20% Calcium Aluminum Alloy KB Alloys
Kennametal Stellite Stoody® 3 Cobalt-Base Cast Alloy Kennametal Stellite Stoody®
Materion Beryllium Copper Alloy 165 Plate & Rolled Bar; H (TD04) Temper; up to 9.5 mm Thickness (UNS C17000) Materion Corporation (former Brush Wellman)
Kobe Steel KS EL-F Alpha-Beta Titanium Alloy, Annealed Kobe Steel
Materion BrushCAST® 165C High Strength Casting Alloy (As Cast & Aged) Materion Corporation (former Brush Wellman) BrushCAST®
MetalTek MTEK 76-6-18 HI LEAD Cast UNS C94100 Bearing Bronze MetalTek MTEK
MetalTek Nitronic® 40 Austenitic Stainless Steel MetalTek Nitronic®
Industeel Superplast® 350 Mold Steel Groupe Arcelor Superplast®
H.C. Starck 2703 Molybdenum Alloy P/M-TZM, Powder Metallurgy Plate H.C. Starck
Lucas-Milhaupt EASY FLO 45 Silver Based Cadmium-Bearing Filler Metal Lucas-Milhaupt EASY FLO
Lucas-Milhaupt Silvaloy® 30 Brazing Alloy Lucas-Milhaupt Silvaloy®
Haynes Hastelloy® S alloy, weld metal, aged 4000 hours Haynes International, Inc. Hastelloy®
Haynes Hastelloy® W alloy, gas tungsten arc welds, as-welded Haynes International, Inc. Hastelloy®
Latrobe Nitralloy® Nâ„¢ VAC-ARC Premium Nitriding Steel Latrobe Steel Nitralloy®
Kennametal Stellite Nistelle 2347 Nickel Alloy Kennametal Stellite Nistelle
Kinetics MIM 17-4PH Stainless Steel (H1100 Condition) Kinetics, Inc.
Materion Beryllium Nickel M220C Materion Corporation (former Brush Wellman)
Materion Beryllium Nickel Strip - Alloy 360 1/4 Hard Materion Corporation (former Brush Wellman)
Indium Corp. Indalloy® 178 Au-In Solder Alloy Indium Corporation of America Indalloy®
Haynes Hastelloy® C-4 alloy, plate, heat treated at 1066°C, rapid quenched Haynes International, Inc. Hastelloy®
Special Metals INCONEL® 625LCF® Nickel Superalloy (UNS N06626) Annealed + 20% Cold Work Special Metals (includes the former Inco Alloys International Inc.) INCONEL®
Universal Wire Works BNi-2 (AMS 4777) Nickel Base Brazing Filler Metal Universal Wire Works
Universal Wire Works E91T1-B3 Flux Cored Carbon Steel Tubular Electrode Universal Wire Works
Williams Advanced Alloys Wambraze™ WB1000 Solder Williams Advanced Alloys Wambraze™
Trimay® Wear Plate T157 Iron-based Steel Overlay Trimay® Wear Plate Ltd
Universal Wire Works BAg-2 (AMS 4768) Silver Brazing Filler Metal Universal Wire Works
Wall Colmonoy COLMONOY® 730 - Nickel-Chromium-Tungsten Matrix Alloy Wall Colmonoy Corporation COLMONOY®
Weartech International NOREM 04A Iron Hardfacing & Wear Resistant Alloy Weartech NOREM
Eagle Brass 715 Copper Nickel 30%, Hard Eagle Brass Company
Crucible Steel CPM® 4V® Tool Steel Crucible Steel CPM®
China Tungsten FeMo70Cu1.5 Ferro Molybdenum China Tungsten
Eagle Brass 101 OFE COPPER (Certified), 3/4 Hard Eagle Brass Company
AK Steel ASTM A 607 Class 1 Formable, Grade 60K Hot Rolled Carbon Steel, Medium/High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) AK Steel
AK Steel Cold Rolled Carbon Steel, Commercial Steel (CS Type B), Standard Grade AK Steel
Ametek P410L P/M Stainless Steel, Sintered from 6.45 g/cc Green Density Ametek
Assab Steels DIEVAR Hot Work Steel Assab Steels
ATI Allegheny Ludlum D2 Tool Steel, UNS T30402 ATI Allegheny Ludlum
ATI Wah Chang 425™ Titanium Alloy, Hot Rolled & Annealed Plate ATI Wah Chang 425™
Aleris Weldural Aluminum Alloy, 100 mm Thickness Aleris Weldural
ATI Allegheny Ludlum Martensitic Stainless Steel Type 440A, Hardened + 427°C Temper ATI Allegheny Ludlum
ArcelorMittal ZA300 Steel coated with galfan zinc-aluminum alloy ArcelorMittal
MetalTek MTEK A Cast UNS N04020 Nickel-Copper Alloy MetalTek MTEK
TIMET TIMETAL® 62S Titanium Alloy (Ti-6Al-2Fe-0.1Si); Alpha-Beta Forged, RA TIMET TIMETAL®
Gwent Electronic Materials C2000802P2 Carbon Graphite Ink Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd.
Special Metals INCOLOY® alloy 803 Fe-Ni-Cr Alloy Special Metals (includes the former Inco Alloys International Inc.) INCOLOY®
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