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Category : Polyethylene (PE) Product List

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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Polimeri Europa Clearflex® H&T LFH 208 Octene Copolymer Linear Low Density Polyethylene Polimeri Europa (Former EniChem) Clearflex® H&T
SABIC M40053S High Density Polyethylene for Injection Molding SABIC
Polymer Industries Densetec HDPE Marine Board Polymer Industries Densetec
NOVA Chemicals Surpass® IFs932-R Octene SLLDPE Injection Molding Resin NOVA Chemicals Surpass®
RTP Company RTP 700 GB 40 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Glass Bead RTP Company
Chevron Phillips Dynex™ D604D6 Enhanced LLDPE Blown Film Resin  (discontinued **)
Lotte Chemical Titan TITANEX® LF0754 Linear low density polyethylene Hexene-1 resin  (discontinued **)
ExxonMobil Exceed™ 377D60 LDPE/Hexene Tough Premium Film Resin, 0.8 mil Film  (discontinued **)
NOVA Chemicals Sclair® TD-7915-UG Hexene MDPE Rotational Molding Resin  (discontinued **)
LyondellBasell Alathon® M5370PX High Density Polyethylene, Extrusion Grade LyondellBasell (former Equistar) Alathon®
LyondellBasell Petrothene® LR732001 High Density Polyethylene (Blow Molding Grade) LyondellBasell (former Equistar) Petrothene®
LyondellBasell Petrothene® NA271009 Medium Density Polyethylene LyondellBasell (former Equistar) Petrothene®
ICO Polymers ICORENEâ„¢ 110-1332 LMDPE Rotational Molding Resin ICO Polymers (A Schulman Inc.) ICORENE™
Global BM-3245-PC High Density Polyethylene, Pipe Extrusion Grade Global Polymers Corporation
LG Chemical SEETEC PM360 HDPE LG Chemical SEETEC
Ipiranga Petrochem GF 4960 HDPE Ipiranga Petrochem
Michelman® Michem® Emulsion 18325 Nonionic polyethylene wax emulsion Michelman® Michem® Emulsion
LyondellBasell Lupolen® 1804 H LDPE, Film Grade LyondellBasell Lupolen®
Saint-Gobain Norton® UHMW PE Skived PTFE Film Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Norton®
A. Schulman CP878-01 Natural Linear, Low-Density Polyethylene
Borealis PC0798 Polyethylene Insulation Compound, Crosslinkable Borealis
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ White 8153/UV2 Concentrate Based In Polyethylene
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ White LL8350 AP Concentrate Based In LLDPE
A. Schulman CP775-01 Molding Grade, Low Density Polyethylene
DuPont DPE® 6611 Purge Compound DuPont Packaging and Industrial Polymers DPE®
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Brown 10305U Concentrate Based In LLDPE
Westlake EP310 Low Density Polyethylene Westlake Chemical Corporation
Westlake Epolene® C-17 Coating Grade - Highly Branched Medium Molecular Weight Polyethylene Polymer Westlake Chemical Corporation Epolene®
Total HL 428 HDPE film resin Total Atofina
A. Schulman CP763-01 Extruded, Blow Molding and Injection Molding Grade Polyethylene
Total PS CPDS 9217 Compound Polystyrene/Polyethylene Total Atofina PS CPDS
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ AO-25 Antioxidant Masterbatch Based in LDPE
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Dark Grey LL80362/4 Concentrate Based In LLDPE
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Woodland Green 30233U/4 Concentrate Based In LLDPE A. Schulman, Inc. POLYBATCH™
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Grey 8218 Concentrate Based In Polyethylene
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Blue 4012 Concentrate Based in Polyethylene A. Schulman, Inc. POLYBATCH™
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ Gold 7060E POLYBATCH® Concentrate Based In LDPE A. Schulman, Inc. POLYBATCH™
Chevron Phillips Marlex® 9005 HDPE Injection Molding Resin Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP Marlex®
ExxonMobil HDPE HPA 020 Wire & Cable High Density Polyethylene Resin Exxon Chemical HDPE
ExxonMobil LDPE LD 144BR Low Density Polyethylene Resin Exxon Chemical LDPE
Dow DNDB-7441 NT 7 Linear Low Density Polyethylene Resin Dow Chemical
Dow TUFLIN™ HSE-1003 NT 7 Linear Low Density Polyethylene Resin Dow Chemical TUFLIN™
Braskem IN34 LLDPE Injection Molding Polyethylene Copolymer Braskem
NOVA Chemicals Sclair® 94D1 HDPE Extrusion Resin  (discontinued **)
Overview of materials for Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Wire/Cable Grade
ExxonMobil Paxon™ AA50-002 Blow Molding Resin  (discontinued **)
A. Schulman POLYBATCH™ White B8750A Concentrate Based In HDPE
Amco PRIMATOP HDPE 055952 Injection Molding Polyethylene Amco Plastic Materials PRIMATOP
PolyOne Syncure™ System S110FV-UV Polyethylene, Crosslinked (XLPE) PolyOne Corporation Syncure™
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