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PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
Okulen® 2000 PE-UHMW, SGB Okulen
Polimeri Europa Eraclene® FC 82 High Density Polyethylene - Blown Film Extrusion Polimeri Europa (Former EniChem) Eraclene®
SABIC F00952EQ High Density Polyethylene for Blown Film SABIC
Quadrant EPP Cesticolor™ HD 500 Polyethylene Quadrant Engineering Plastics Products Cesticolor™
Quadrant EPP TIVAR® SuperPlus UHMW-PE, Glass-filled Cross-linked & Heat Stabilized Extreme Wear Resistant (ASTM Product Data Sheet) Quadrant Engineering Plastics Products TIVAR®
RTP Company RTP 700 TFE 20 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), PTFE Lubricated RTP Company
RTP Company RTP 731 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Talc RTP Company
Chevron Phillips HiD® 9606 HDPE Blown Film and Sheet  (discontinued **)
Chevron Phillips HiD® 9632 HDPE Blown Film Resin  (discontinued **)
NOVA Chemicals Sclair® 59F HDPE Blow Molding Resin  (discontinued **)
Formosa Plastics Formolene® LH5206 Injection Molding HDPE  (discontinued **)
NOVA Chemicals Sclair® 2607 HDPE Injection Molding Resin NOVA Chemicals Sclair®
Kazanorgsintez 15813-020 High Pressure Polyethylene Kazanorgsintez
Kazanorgsintez 273-95 High Density Polyethylene Composite Kazanorgsintez
Kazanorgsintez PE2NT76-17 High Density Polyethylene for Blow Molding Kazanorgsintez
ICO Polymers ICORENEâ„¢ 150-1496 HDPE Rotational Molding Resin ICO Polymers (A Schulman Inc.) ICORENE™
Global MB-6366 High Density Polyethylene Global Polymers Corporation
LG Chemical LUTENE-H XL1800 HDPE LG Chemical LUTENE-H
Inhance Fluoro-Seal INHANCE® PEF High Density Fibrillated Polyethylene Inhance Fluoro-Seal INHANCE®
Iran Petrochemical (PCC) MF3713 High Density Polyethylene Iran Petrochemical Commercial Co. (PCC)
LyondellBasell Alathon® L5040TC High Density Polyethylene LyondellBasell (former Equistar) Alathon®
Ipiranga Petrochem GP 100 OR HDPE Ipiranga Petrochem
Techmer ES HiFill® HDPE GF25 CC 25% Glass Filled Techmer ES HiFill®
Spartech PE4125 Reinforced High Density Polyethylene Compound Spartech
SIDPEC EGYPTENE® HD 3802 FA HDPE Film SIDPEC (Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Co.) EGYPTENE®
Silon Taborex TA 1134 HD Chemically-Crosslinkable HDPE Compound Silon Taborex
Borealis BorPEX™ HE2558 Blue High Density Polyethylene Compound for Crosslinked Pipes (Pex-A (Peroxide)) Borealis BorPEX™
Borealis Borstar® HE3496-LS Yellow Polyethylene Compound for The Coextrusion of Identifying Stripes On Black HD Pipe for Natural Gas Borealis Borstar®
Unipetrol PE HD LITEN® BB 85 HDPE Unipetrol RPA PE HD LITEN®
Unipetrol PE HD LITEN® FB 10 HDPE Unipetrol RPA PE HD LITEN®
A. Schulman POLYBLAK™ 2723Pm Premium Black Color Concentrate, 25% Carbon Black Based In HDPE
Total HDPE 56020 S High Density Polyethylene - Blow Molding Total Atofina HDPE
A. Schulman LP390-01 Narrow Molecular Weight Copolymer
Borealis BS4641 High Density Polyethylene Borealis
ExxonMobil Paxon™ 7004 Crosslinkable Rotational Molding Resin Exxon Chemical Paxon™
ExxonMobil Pax-Plus™ 3208 Blown Film Resin Exxon Chemical Pax-Plus™
Entec Hypel® PEHD18/.956 HDPE Entec Engineered Resins Hypel®
Entec Hypel® PEHD.7/.962 HDPE Entec Engineered Resins Hypel®
Braskem FH35 HDPE Cast Film Extrusion Polyethylene Copolymer Braskem
Braskem GD5150K HDPE High Density Extrusion Polyethylene Braskem
Braskem Green PE SGF4950 Blow Molding and Monofilament High Density Polyethylene Braskem Green PE
ExxonMobil Paxon™ BA53-035 Blow Molding Resin  (discontinued **)
Total XSene® HD55110 High Density Polyethylene - Blown Film Total Atofina XSene®
Aaron Industries AVPE HD 300-3 Virgin Polyethylene Aaron Industries Corporation AVPE
Celanese GUR 4150 PE-UHMW, Unfilled Celanese Corporation GUR
Total Lacqtene® 2001 TBL 46 HDPE pipe  (discontinued **)
Braskem BS600 HDPE Blow Molding Polyethylene Copolymer Braskem
Braskem BU 004 HDPE Blow Molding Polyethylene Braskem
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