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Mearthane Durethaneâ„¢ S DS-715A Solid Polyurethane Elastomer

Category Polymer , Thermoset , Polyurethane, TS , Thermoset Polyurethane, Elastomer, Unreinforced , Rubber or Thermoset Elastomer (TSE)
Manufacturer Mearthane Products Corporation (MPC)
Trade Name Durethane™ S
Port Shanghai port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
MDI backbone: ether.Summary: Durethane S is a solid urethane elastomer. Formulations are individually compounded and tested to meet OEM requirements for durometer, tensile strength, tear strength, elongation, coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance, compression set, compression modulus, tensile modulus, resilience, solvent resistance and color.Applications: Mearthane will custom-manufacture industrial product, wheels, and other components to customer specifications. Durethane S is a machinable to fine surface finishes. Typical applications include: rollers pads, bumpers, and other components in paper handling mechanisms for business machines such as: printers, copiers, fax machines, postage meters, collators, and ATMs. Other applications include: inline skatewheels, skateboard wheels, castors, shock absorbers, springs and elastomeric die blocks.Conductivity: All Durethane elastomers can be formulated to be electrically conductive, for applications involving electrostatic dissipation (ESD). Mearthane's proprietary conductivity process does not comprise the material performance specification of the urethane.Information provided by Mearthane Products Corporation.
Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Hardness, Shore A 15
ASTM D2240
Elongation at Break 450 %
450 %
100% Modulus 0.000345 GPa
0.0500 ksi
Tear Strength 4.38 kN/m
25.0 pli
Die C; ASTM D624
Compression Set 4.0 %

@Temperature 70.0 °C
4.0 %

@Temperature 158 °F
22 hours; ASTM D395B
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