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TIMCAL TIMREX® KS500 Primary Synthetic Graphite

Category Carbon , Graphite , Other Engineering Material , Additive/Filler for Polymer
Manufacturer TIMCAL
Trade Name TIMREX®
Port Shanghai port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
TIMREX Primary Synthetic Graphite is produced in a unique highly controlled graphitization process which assures narrow specifications and unequalled consistent quality due to: monitoring of all production and processing stages, strict final inspection, and clearly defined development processes.TIMREX Primary Synthetic Graphite shows unique properties thanks to the combination of a consistent purity, perfect crystalline structure and well defined texture.Advantages and applications: Suitable especially for sintered metallic clutch facings and brake pads. Good lubrication properties Good transfer film formationSmoothing of the friction coefficient at the required levelGood thermal conductivityReduction of hot spots and DTVGood mixability with metal powdersSufficient mechanical strength of sintered parts even at medium density - no laminationInformation provided by TIMCAL
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Bulk Density 0.800 g/cc
0.0289 lb/in³
Particle Size 550 µm
550 µm
at a density of 2.16 g/cc
1000 µm
1000 µm
at a density of 2.12 g/cc
Deformation 1.4 %
1.4 %
1.4 %
1.4 %
2.8 %
2.8 %
plastic + elastic
Ash 0.060 %
0.060 %
Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
Thermal Conductivity 140 W/m-K
972 BTU-in/hr-ft²-°F
Processing Properties Metric English Comments
Moisture Content 0.040 %
0.040 %
Descriptive Properties Value Comments
Crystallite height Lc >100 nm
DBP absorption 25 g/100g
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