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PolyOne Geon™ 210 Series 217 Blending Resin Polyvinyl Chloride Homopolymer (PVC Homopolymer)

Category Polymer , Thermoplastic , Vinyl (PVC)
Manufacturer PolyOne Corporation
Trade Name Geon™
Port Shanghai port,China
Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Material Notes:
Geon® 217 is a low to medium molecular weight homopolymer blending resin intended for use as a formulation tool in plastisol formulations.It improves air release performance resulting in reduced scrap rates. It decreases high shear viscosity providing an improved 'ease of coating' performance resulting in a more uniform plastisol coating and improving line up time. It reduces viscosity aging characteristics, providing increased plastisol usage (pot life). It reduces surface gloss of films or coated products resulting in less surface blocking and improved handling. Geon® 217 is recommended for solid and foamed plastisol applications such as coated fabric, cast films and coatings, foam mats and pads.Note: The value set forth represent typical values and PolyOne Corporation, therefore, makes no representation that the material in any particular shipment will conform to the listed properties. Packaging: This resin is shipped in multi-wall paper bags, net weight 50 lbs, 2500 lbs per pallet. Information shown on the package includes commercial identification number, lot and weight. Geon® ALTC (formulation): 60phr Geon® 121A, 40phr Geon® 217, 57phr DINP, 3phr ESO, and 2phr Therm-Chek SP 120 LOHF Geon® STP 1203(formulation): 60phr Geon® 178, 40phr Geon® 217,and 60phr DOPInformation provided by PolyOne
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Specific Gravity 1.40 g/cc
1.40 g/cc
Volatiles 0.050 %
0.050 %
Geon® STP 1242; Internal Method
Apparent Bulk Density 0.530 g/cc
0.0191 lb/in³
Geon® STP 1169; Internal Method
Particle Size 30 µm
30 µm
Geon® DFT 1466; Internal Method
<= 52 µm
<= 52 µm
94.2%; Geon® DFT 1466; Internal Method
<= 74 µm
<= 74 µm
99%; Geon® DFT 1466; Internal Method
Relative Viscosity 2.23 cP
2.23 cP
Cyclohexanone 1%; Internal Method
Brookfield Viscosity 2.3 cP
2.3 cP
One Day Viscosity @ 2rpmGeon® ALTC 22 (with provided formulation); Internal Method
2.3 cP
2.3 cP
Initial Viscosity @ 2rpmGeon® ALTC 22 (with provided formulation); Internal Method
2.38 cP
2.38 cP
Initial Viscosity @ 20 rpmGeon® ALTC 22 (with provided formulation); Internal Method
2.4 cP
2.4 cP
One Day Viscosity @ 20rpmGeon® ALTC 22 (with provided formulation); Internal Method
Viscosity Measurement 0.92
Inherent; ASTM D1243-60-A
Melt Flow 522 g/10 min

@Pressure 0.655 MPa
522 g/10 min

@Pressure 95.0 psi
Severs Efflux; Geon® ALTC 23 (with provided formulation); Internal Method
Optical Properties Metric English Comments
Haze 54 %

@Temperature 177 °C
54 %

@Temperature 351 °F
Fused 5 mins Geon® ALTC 66 (with provided formulation); Internal Method
Gloss 18 %

@Temperature 177 °C
18 %

@Temperature 351 °F
60° Fused 5 mins Geon® ALTC 65 (with provided formulation); Internal Method
Descriptive Properties Value Comments
Features Foamable
Forms Powder
Gel Temperature 92 °C
Internal Method; Geon® ALTC 29 (with provided formulation)
Generic Material PVC Homopolymer
Generic Name Polyvinyl Chloride Homopolymer (PVC Homopolymer)
K-Value 67
No Standard; Correlation, 0.5g/100ml
Polymerization Process Suspension
Processing Method Casting
Dip Coating
Rotational Molding
Regional Availability Africa & Middle East
Asia Pacific
North America
South America
Residual Vinyl Chloride Monomer < 5 ppm
Internal Method; Geon® STP 1005
Uses Fabric Coatings
Vinyl Dispersion Gauge 95 µm
Internal Method; Geon® STP 1203 (with provided formulation)
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