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Master Bond EP30LV-1 Ultra Low Viscosity, Two Part Epoxy System

Category Polymer , Adhesive , Thermoset , Epoxy , Epoxy Adhesive
Manufacturer Master Bond Inc.
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Port Ningbo port,China
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Material Notes:
Description: Master Bond Polymer System EP30LV-1 is an ultra low viscosity, two component epoxy system for high performance bonding, coating, sealing, potting and encapsulation. It readily cures at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures, and has a five to one mix ratio by weight. This adhesive is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or diluents. EP30LV-1 has outstanding physical strength properties along with excellent electrical insulation characteristics. This highly dimensionally stable system has very low shrinkage after cure, less than 0.001 in./in. EP30LV-1 possesses very good optical clarity along with superior light transmission when compared to many other epoxies. This system bonds well to a variety of substrates including metals, glass, and ceramics, as well as many plastics and rubber materials. EP30LV-1 forms high strength, rigid bonds that resist chemicals including water, oil, acids, bases and many solvents. Its low viscosity enables this system to be used for special gap filling applications where space is limited. Master Bond Polymer System EP30LV-1 is widely used in electronic, electrical, optical, chemical and related industries. Product Advantages: Convenient mixing: easy to use mix ratio—five to one by weight Easy application: only contact pressure required while curing; adhesive spreads readily Versatile cure schedules: ambient temperature cures or faster at higher temperatures Good ability to fill smaller gaps High bond strength to a wide variety of substratesKey Features Very low viscosity Outstanding optical clarity Exceptional physical strength Electrically insulative Dimensionally stable Resistant to a wide variety of chemicalsInformation provided by MasterBond®
Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Viscosity 280 - 500 cP
280 - 500 cP
Part B
200 - 600 cP
200 - 600 cP
Part A
Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
Hardness, Shore D >= 75
>= 75
Tensile Strength at Break >= 65.5 MPa
>= 9500 psi
Tensile Modulus >= 2.76 GPa
>= 400 ksi
Shear Strength >= 20.7 MPa
>= 3000 psi
Bond, Al to Al
Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
Maximum Service Temperature, Air 121 °C
250 °F
Minimum Service Temperature, Air -51.1 °C
-60.0 °F
Optical Properties Metric English Comments
Refractive Index 1.57
Electrical Properties Metric English Comments
Volume Resistivity >= 1.00e+15 ohm-cm
>= 1.00e+15 ohm-cm
Dielectric Constant 3.35

@Frequency 1000 Hz,
Temperature 25.0 °C

@Frequency 1000 Hz,
Temperature 77.0 °F

@Frequency 60.0 Hz,
Temperature 25.0 °C

@Frequency 60.0 Hz,
Temperature 77.0 °F
Dielectric Strength >= 17.3 kV/mm

@Thickness 3.17 mm
>= 440 kV/in

@Thickness 0.125 in
Dissipation Factor 0.0050

@Frequency 60.0 Hz,
Temperature 25.0 °C

@Frequency 60.0 Hz,
Temperature 77.0 °F

@Frequency 1000 Hz,
Temperature 25.0 °C

@Frequency 1000 Hz,
Temperature 77.0 °F
Processing Properties Metric English Comments
Cure Time 120 - 180 min

@Temperature 93.3 °C
2.00 - 3.00 hour

@Temperature 200 °F
1440 - 2880 min

@Temperature 23.9 °C
24.0 - 48.0 hour

@Temperature 75.0 °F
Pot Life 40 - 60 min
40 - 60 min
100 gram batch
Shelf Life 12.0 Month

@Temperature 23.9 °C
12.0 Month

@Temperature 75.0 °F
in unopened container
Descriptive Properties Value Comments
Mixing Ratio (A to B) 5:1
by weight
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